Prepare to set sail for adventure. The sky world of Zephyr is under siege, and your crew is awaiting your command. It's up to you to captain your ship and turn the tides of war!

Zephyr: Tides of War is a third-person aerial combat game that places the player in the role of the Captain. As the Captain, you command your crew completely by issuing voice commands, and the crew will respond accordingly to your commands and other events in battle.

Our goal was to make the player feel just like the captain of a deadly ship on the high seas. Very, very "high" seas, in Zephyr's case! Except in emergencies, a captain never interacts directly with the equipment on his ship and must instead rely on his faithful crew to serve as his interface. In that spirit, the player does not have direct control over the actions of the ship and must issue commands to his crew for maneuvering and attack based on his observations of the battlefield.

Zephyr: Tides of War is a graduate-level capstone exercise in game development with focused lessons on production/management, design, programming, and art. It was developed over the course of two semesters by students at the Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy using industry grade tools including Emergent GameBryo, Fonix VoiceIn, and Vicon motion capture systems. With the guidance of industry-hardened faculty, Zephyr was driven with the same expectations and tools as a commercial release to minimize the culture shock on students when stepping into real industry jobs.